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The weight of the wait, naively full of illusions, vis-a-vis the disruption of all hope, creates relentlessly a chasm between reality and what should have been. The gap is so deep and violent that it forces Mme Butterfly to move to the fatal act, the Harakiri: not declared and yet screamed, it is so disruptive and explosive that it can be compared to a silent explosion, to the tragedy of Hiroshima.


Choreography, light design and stage clothes design Monica Casadei Music Giacomo Puccini Original music Luca Vianini Scene design and set up Delio Gennai with the participation of Elena Annovi choreography and production Assistant Davide Tagliavini, Antonio Bissiri Production Compagnia Artemis Danza. Thanks are due to Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo onlus, Fondazione Teatro Verdi di Pisa, Comune di Cortona, Teatro Signorelli, Festival La Sfera Danza, Fondazione Nazionale per la Danza.



One, ten, a hundred Figaros on stage. Focused, powerful, brave, they make their way through a chameleontic game of unexpected events and sudden changes. A Post-modern Action Ballet, filled with irreverent irony and with the relentless energy of a special team that is willing to do anything, or just about.

Production: Compagnia Artemis Danza in collaboration with AMAT and Comune di Pesaro Co-production: Italian Festival in Thailand, Festival Orizzonti, Armonie d’Arte Festival in collaboration with Rossini Opera Festival and Teatro Comunale di Bologna. Thanks are due to A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage Palace


Play in three deliriums

Anna Bolena | Pazzi per progetto | Lucia di Lammermoor

What is the boundary between existential angst, madness and sheer delirium? Anna Bolena, Lucia di Lammermoor and I pazzi per progetto make their way through tensions and frenzy, underwater silences and vulcanic bursts, in a dialectic game of mirrors, doubles and couples. An energy wave exploding and imploding.

Idea, choreography, light designer, scene designer and stage clothes designer Monica Casadei Music Gaetano Donizetti Original music Luca Vianini, collettivo Knobs (Jodi Pedrali, Alessandro Cozzolino, Nicola Buttafuoco) music elaboration Luca Vianini Abiti Atelier Moki Costumi-sculptures Pastore e Bovina – Studio Elica Virtual backdrop Ama+zonia (forest) Fabian Albertini Video Fabio Fiandrini staging/setting up Missed flight (cages) Camilla Marinoni Wood carver for Donizetti Night Marino Angelo Rossi Production Compagnia Artemis Danza Co-production Festival Danza Estate and Fondazione Donizetti di Bergamo


CARMEN K (kimera)

“She is as wild, passionate, instinctive and sensual, as she is free to love and to exist. She shows the primeval instinct and will to exist, to be profoundly true to oneself, against all subjugations, possessions and prisons. The outcome is almost too predictable: a free and brave being’s life is harsh and choiceless. Either the inner law, the soul law, wins or death is to be preferred”

Idea and choreography Monica Casadei Musics Bizet remix by Godblesscomputers, Go Dugong, Spinelli, Sartana & Luca Vianini Carmen Suite Rodion Ščedrin Scenes Sculture Brunivo Buttarelli Fiori Fabian Albertini Cuori Pastore and Bovina – Studio Elica Video PIIER e Fabio Fiandrini choreography and production assistant Valeria Russo e Vittorio Colella stage clothes Creazioni La Perla – Collection 2016 Production by Artemis Danza committed by Teatro Comunale di Bologna In collaboration with Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo/Teatro Signorelli di Cortona and Shape/roBOt Festival


Flashes of light and energy emerge from an abyss-black universe: lighting quick and blinding, they tell the story of the human soul’s macabre power in its bleakest nuances

Choreography, direction, light designer, scene designer and stage costumes designer Monica Casadei Music Giacomo Puccini Music Elaboration Luca Vianini Choreography assistant Camilla Negri Coproduction Lugo Opera Festival, Festival La Versiliana In collaboration with Teatro Comunale di Bologna, AMAT & Teatro dell’Aquila/Comune di Fermo



AIDA AND TRISTAN double night

Aida and Tristan, Verdi and Wagner: one act for a double night. Two opposite and counterposed tragedies are joined together by fate as deep and profound as universal: love and death.

Coreography, direction, lights, clothes Monica Casadei Music elaboration Claudio Scannavini on compositions by Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner Virtual backdrop Fabian Albertini Corsets La Perla Stage costumes seamstress  Silvana Ceriati  Elena Bertuzzi, Fabrizio Montecchi, Alessandro Taverna production Compagnia Artemis Danza committed by Teatro Comunale di Bologna. Thanks are due to ERT- Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione and Teatro Bonci in Cesena for the help with the staging


A woman’s sacrifice vis-a-vis the violence of a conformist and bourgeois society


Choreography, direction, scenes and stage costumes Monica Casadei Choreography assistant Elena Bertuzzi musics by Giuseppe Verdi music elaboration Luca Vianini Music Alessandro Taverna Production Compagnia Artemis Danza Co-production Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Ferrara

HEROES_ opera’s solos

Two, five or six dancers performance.

Every performance in the solos of Heroes is the blossoming result of a personal research, not to be repeated, profoundly linked to the dancer’s capabilities and potentialities and to the emotional inputs stemming from the project Corpo d’Opera di Artemis.

THE LOONEYS – Tribute to Fellini

Spacy and dazed characters floating between poetry and fantasy in a surreal world. Fellinian nights hanging in the balance between Circus and the Dolce Vita.

Choreography, direction, light design and costumes Monica Casadei Musics Nino Rota Production Compagnia Artemis Danza/Monica Casadei Co-production Festival VignaleDanza In collaboration with Fondazione Federico Fellini di Rimini and CID-Centro Internazionale Danza di Parma


A tale of movements and images retraces the most meaningful legs of the art of dance, from traditional ballet to abstraction and non-dance, following the milestone event and protagonists of the history of dance. Performance and critical analysis intertwine in a fascinating and educational performance-lecture.

Idea, direction, stage clothes Monica Casadei light designer Monica Casadei

Documentary film by Sonia Schoonejanes Created alongside with and performed by Compagnia Artemis Danza Production Compagnia Artemis Danza